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We are Khareef Kiteboarding

Khareef, meaning “Autumn” in Arabic, also describes the monsoon season and trade winds in Oman from May to September. The Khareef, and the amazing wind that it offers, is our favorite season to kite surf in Oman.



We are a licensed kiteboarding school based in Muscat, Oman.
We offer kitesurfing lessons throughout the whole year, all around Oman, bringing you to breathtaking locations. 


We aim to shed a light upon kitesurfing in Oman and put it on the map globally.

With a combination of our vivid, secret spots, the unique landscapes and a taste of Oman and its people, we want to share with you what kiteboarding in Oman truly is. We want you to join the community! Experiencing what this country has to offer and having fun learning kiteboarding whilst maintaining optimum safety standards is our priority. 


kitesurfing instructor oman kitesurfing teacher

Paris Hooper-Kay

Co Founder

With nearly 20 years of experience, Paris has been kitesurfing since he was 9 years old. After teaching kiteboarding all around the world as a certified IKO instructor, such as Australia, Qatar and Cyprus, he quickly realized Oman is where the heart is, and the wind. 


kitesurfing instructor oman kitesurfing teacher

Johanna Mueller

Co Founder

After growing up in Oman for 17 years, Jo feels a deep connection to the country and knows it as her home. Though she always loved sports and adventure, after discovering kitesurfing at 15, it became her leading passion over the years.



Khareef takes pride in providing only the best kitesurfing experience possible. With a team of multilingual, highly experienced instructors, our aim is to turn you into an IKO certified kitesurfer under the most professional standards. Quick, fun and safe!

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